Do you suffer from FOMO?

Young, fun, spontaneous, first in and last out, ready for (almost) anything!
Being true to FOMO takes dedication, commitment and the love of being free to be yourself.

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Young, fun, spontaneous, first in and last out, ready for anything! Well. . . almost anything!

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Being true to FOMO takes dedication, commitment and the love of being free to be yourself.

What’s your FOMO score? Find out below with the FOMO Quiz.

1. Oops, you left your phone at home . . .

a.Eh, no biggie!
b. won’t totally freak BUT checking my phone will be first priority upon return
c would go back and get it, no matter where I was or what I was doing. I would get FOMO anxiety big time!!

2.Your favourite designer is now on Facebook, do you . . .

a. Have a quick browse of the page, that’s about it
b.I ‘Like’ the page, so I can keep up with posts, sales and trends
c.Not only will I ‘Like’ the page, I will check every day! Would hate to miss something (in case it didn’t hit my news feed)

3. If you’re invited to three majorly awesome events, do you . . .

a.Pick one, I go to whatever one I was invited to first
b.Go to two out of three – I like to mix up my night a little
c.I will go to all three, I don’t care what it takes – I love partying with all my friends and having an amaze time.

4. Have you ever checked Facebook or Twitter from your phone when out on a date?

a.Maybe once, what else to do when they are at the bar?
b.Only when I am bored, I may look for a place to jump ship!
c.All the time, I like to keep up with the goss and know who is checked in and where!

5. How often do you check Facebook/Twitter/Google + per day.

a.1-5 time
c.10+ ADDICTED!!!

6. If you’re totally broke, and your friends are going on a holiday, do you?

a.Stay at home, why go on holiday when you can’t afford it, right?
b.Make plans to stay half of the time, works out nicely and fits into the budget! WINNING!
c.Go anyway, there is no way I can miss out on the fun! I would need to be sedated for my FOMO anxiety if I was not there! :S

7. We all love shopping ;) whether it be online or hitting the shops for a day out with the girls. If you see something like a designer piece on sale but your not 100% in love:

a.Do you “have a think about it” and come back later
b.Put it on hold
c.Buy it straight away, it’s designer – I can’t miss out, someone will grab it for sure!

8. Would you consider your phone an extension of your arm?

a.No, I don’t so much care for my phone, I never have it on me
b.I check it every now and then, just to see if what’s happening
c.Phone NEVER leaves my side, I run to it when I hear it ringing; I always call and message back. I love my phone!

9. If your favourite band is touring for one night only, what do you do?

a.See what mood I am in at the time of release, I’m not a huge fan of the concert scene
b.Suss out if any friends are going before making up my mind
c.I will be at my computer 5 mins before the tickets go on sale, there is no way I am missing out! Friends going or not, I will meet party peeps there :)

10. Your friends send you a photo text with martini/mocktail in hand at a cool bar/nightclub, you are in your pyjamas getting ready to catch some Z’s, you?

a.Meh, I need my beauty sleep! I can catch up with the goss tomorrow
b.I weigh up the pro’s and con’s. Not that I can sleep now anyhow… What to do? HALP
c.I am out of my pyjamas and into going out clothes at the blink of an eye, bedtime can wait! Time to hang with my girls!

Quiz Answers

Mostly a’s

BarelyFOMO – There is hope for you yet, you have a mild case of FOMO! No need to panic yet, just keep it real.

Mostly b’s

SemiFOMO – Alarm bells are beginning to ring. You have a moderate case of FOMO and get slight anxiety if not in on the action!

Mostly c’s

FOMOmaniac – If there was FOMO rehab, you would be in there with a straight jacket! You are a social butterfly and love to be everywhere and see everyone. You hate missing out on any parties, events, opportunities or bargains!