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No matter what time of the month it is, and no matter what you’re wearing, U by Kotex® has something that’s right for you. Whether you’re wearing your skinny jeans with a tampon / Ultrathin Pad, enjoying a stress-free night’s sleep with an overnight pad, or just enjoying everyday freshness with a liner, we’ll make sure your clothes are safe so you can forget about your period and get back to being amazing.



Puberty, periods and growing up can be exciting but also daunting, that's why we've pulled together loads of information about common topics and questions. 

Customer Reviews


I absolutely love these I tried these this week. It's the First time in 35 years I haven't sprung a leak during the night. Highly recommend


Well done.

I bought these as even with good nights I still leak at night. Now, I got the M/L size even though I’m a size 18-20 (plus size) and I have to admit. They did fit, didn’t rip or anything when I pulled them up. However, it would be nice if for once. A company would produce something with an 18-20 size range, cause we have periods too! I promise it’s true.


Great Absorbency

I love these new cotton pads. I've just had a miscarriage and all other pads were giving me rashes. I don't even mind that I have to change them a bit more often because they are so comfortable.

Samantha K

Great overall pad!

I’ve been using these ever since I started my period and all I can say is that they are the best pads out there (in my opinion) I’ve never had any problems with it whatsoever

Best Tampons Ever!

I am a competitive swimmer (I swim basically everyday) so my mum bought these for me ever since I started my period. They are literally a lifesaver and they don’t really fluff at the bottom. One problem that might just be me is that I find the string is just too long and it reaches halfway between my crotch and my knee so I have to cut it so it doesn’t accidentally show when I am swimming. Overall, I think it is a very good product.