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No matter what time of the month it is, and no matter what you’re wearing, U by Kotex® has something that’s right for you. Whether you’re wearing your skinny jeans with a tampon / Ultrathin Pad, enjoying a stress-free night’s sleep with an overnight pad, or just enjoying everyday freshness with a liner, we’ll make sure your clothes are safe so you can forget about your period and get back to being amazing.


Puberty, periods and growing up can be exciting but also daunting, that's why we've pulled together loads of information about common topics and questions. 

What girls are saying?

Very good

I’ve used U pads in the past and am really impressed with the new and improved pads. They are super absorbent and I couldn’t even feel it when I wore it. I was even more happy when I had to use it on my heaviest day while at work in slim suit pants and I couldn’t even tell it was there because I usually get anxious that everyone would be able to tell that I was wearing a pad. I’m so jealous of people who have periods nowadays as they have improved so much.

Fantastic pad

These pads were fantastic and the right size. I didn’t feel the pads while living around. I thought they were perfect for working out, with no chance of leaking. I would definitely recommend these and I will buy them in the future.


Peace of mind for heavy days

These pads are comfortable and give you peace of mind for days when you have heavy flow, or throughout the night. I personally thought they were great and felt nicer and more dry compared to other super pads.


Comfortable and good coverage

The pads are thin and feel comfortable, almost like I'm not wearing a pad at all. There is decent coverage and the wings give added peace of mind to any concerns about leakage. It kept me dry for a few hours and does the job well.


Great for piece of mind

Super comfortable pad, with the added protection. As I’m sure most of you are- I get so worried I’m leaking through or there’s an odour. This puts my mind at ease!