The Teaching Resource Packs are only distributed in AUSTRALIA for use during Stage 3 and 4 puberty classes.

The Teachers Resource Centre does not handle other requests for samples or provisions of feminine care products. Click here to contact Customer Service.


These resources are also for Community Health Workers who teach puberty in schools. If you teach in more than one school, your orders need to be placed individually for each school. The maximum order is six class packs for each school, catering for 180 female students. When you place your order, please note that you are a Community Health Worker. Your parcel will be specially addressed, noting that it needs to be retained for your session.


Q. I can’t access your order website due to my school’s firewall. How can I order?
A. Please access the order website from your home network if this is an issue.

Q. I didn’t receive a validation code email so I couldn’t continue with my order.
A. There are 2 validation emails that you will receive:

  1. Email validation code : Please check in your junk email box. Then please check you have entered the correct email address and, potentially, try again with another email address.
  2. School approval validation: This is the step after you have registered a new school. Please be patient with us here, approvals are done manually to check that each school address is valid, please give us 4 weeks to approve your school. Unfortunately calling us or sending us an email won’t shorten this time frame as we will approve schools in the order that they come in to be fair to everyone.

Q. Why won’t my email validation code work?
A. Click on the link in the validation email to take you back to the page to enter your code rather than copying and pasting it into the website.

Q. I didn’t receive a confirmation email.
A. Please check in your junk email box as it may have ended up there.

Q. Can I put in orders for multiple schools?
A. You are able to order for multiple schools from the one email address. This is to assist nurses and educators who work across multiple schools. Please note that each school will still need to be reviewed, so you will need to register each school under your email address and allow up to ten working days for each validation code, before you will be able to place an order.

Q. I ordered a pack. Where is it?
A. We pick, pack and dispatch these orders so and delivery can take up to 3-4 weeks so we ask that you are patient with us. Please note that contacting our customer service team will not shorten the timeframe for delivery.

Q. Why was my order rejected?
A. These educational resources are only relevant to school students in Stage 3 and 4 puberty classes. The student packs are provided as part of the educational pack to female students in Years 6, 7, 8 and 9 to assist in teaching and learning about puberty. Please note that for all other purposes we send out free samples on our website www.ubykotex.com.au.


Q. How do I opt out of receiving the U by Kotex faxes?
A. Please email [email protected]. Please be ready to provide the following information:

  • School name
  • Postcode
  • Address
  • Fax number
  • Requesting teacher

Q. Our school’s details aren’t correct on the website and I can’t edit the address fields. How do I change the school’s delivery address?
A. We use the official education database featuring registered Australia Post details. There may be another school under the same name under a different address, we ask that you register your school again under the correct address and wait for this to be approved (note that the approval process will take around 4 weeks and contacting the team will unfortunately not shorten this)

Q. Why isn’t my school on the database?
A. There are a few reasons your school may not be on the database:

  1. No one has ever ordered school packs from this school and therefore you will have to register this as a new school and wait for this to be approved (note that the approval process will take around 4 weeks and contacting the team will unfortunately not fast track this)
  2. A previous teacher from your school may have opted your school off the database.
  3. Your school does not have any female students.
  4. Your school does not teach Years 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  5. The official legal name of your school may be different to the name by which you and your students know it.

Q. Why isn’t my home address able to be approved by the system?
A. Please note that we only accept school addresses, so if you have input your home address, these might be rejected by our approvals. Please register the school under the exact address of the school, we have a team member on our team approve each of these to make sure it’s correct.

Q. If I’m not from a school but still want to order samples, what can I do?
A. Unfortunately we cannot approve organisations, charities or home schools for the school samples as this program is designed specifically for Primary and High School students (aged 10-15) to be delivered by their teacher. If you do need support with education materials, please note you can download the teachers resource at this link.
You can have girls order their own individual sample for free via our website : www.ubykotex.com.au/free-samples.


Q. Why can’t I use the interactive materials on my interactive whiteboard?
A. The interactive materials have been supplied as Notebook files for use on all SMART Whiteboards. On the disc and website, PowerPoint files are also included, should your school have a different brand of interactive whiteboard.

Q. I received the DVD with the interactive whiteboard materials but it doesn’t work. Every time I load the disc, it says ‘disc error.’
A. Oops! Technology is never 100% fail safe, so it’s possible there is an issue with your disc. You are able to download all the resources from the website.

Q. The resource materials are inappropriate.
A. The materials have been developed with the assistance of conservative teachers with the objective of providing impartial and factual information relevant to the syllabus for Years 6, 7, 8 and 9. If you have suggestions for materials, please email to [email protected] with the heading Resources Feedback.

Q. I don’t agree with the content and I have much better ideas. How do I put forward a suggestion?
A. We love feedback! Working with teachers to develop the best possible curriculum-related resource that will provide fun and interactive learning for students is our key objective. If you have suggestions for materials, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] with the heading Resources Feedback.