U by Kotex Ultrathin Pads - 2 Pack

U by Kotex® Ultrathin Regular Pads with wings have unique 5 in 1 protection to keep you feeling dry and comfortable


What are the U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusables Undies?

U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies are a new format of period protection. They are just like regular cotton underwear; except they include an absorbent area which allows them to absorb period flow. They are washable and reusable so you can wash them after each use and use them again!

What are the features of U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies?

  • They are made with Cotton
  • They are soft and comfortable - just like regular cotton underwear
  • They are absorbent and provide the equivalent up to:
    • 3 regular tampons worth of absorbency (Regular / Bikini cut)
    • 5 regular tampons worth of absorbency (Super / Full Brief cut)

Does U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies come in tween and teen sizes?

We can share a handy size conversion guide for teen and tween sizing:
Girls Size 8-9 (Waist 58 - 64 cm) = Women’s Size 6-8
Girls Size 10-12 (Waist 66 - 71cm) = Women’s Size 10
Girls Size 14-16 (Waist 73 - 79cm) = Women’s Size 12
Please note that the above is to be used as a guide reference only.

Why are U by Kotex® | THINX® launching these Reusable Period Undies?

We understand that people who menstruate want to have all period management options available to them. We believe in performance and delivering products that work, so we’ve partnered with an expert in Reusable underwear – Thinx® – to launch a product that gives our consumers another way to manage their periods.

Why does the product have two brands on it?

U by Kotex® has teamed up with a global expert in reusable underwear to bring this product to market. This collaboration means all people with periods can try this amazing new format at an affordable price with great quality.

What ingredients are the U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies made of?

Cotton, Elastane, Breathable Polyurethane. For full breakdown of ingredients, see packaging.

How is our U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies different to other brands?

This product has been developed by a leading global reusable period underwear brand. Thinx® is an expert in reusable period underwear and have used their significant expertise to develop a high quality but affordable product spec. The product is manufactured at the leading underwear manufacturer in Sri Lanka and has been tested to extremely high performance and safety standard by Kimberly Clark Australia.

How do they work?

The new U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies is a like a normal underwear where the main body is made of cotton fabric with elastane to provide comfort and flexibility for better fit. However, U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies has multiple layers of materials in the crotch area that will provide the absorbency and leakage protection. The layers include;

  1. Main body (Hydrophobic 100% cotton) – hugs and fits the body
  2. Top layer (100% cotton) – absorbs the fluid and wicks the fluid through the absorbent core
  3. 2nd layer (100% polyester or 100% cotton) – this serves as absorbent layer. It holds the fluid.
  4. 3rd layer (100% breathable laminated Polyurethane film) this is an impervious layer that blocks and contain the fluid within the gusset

How do I find my size?

These are the recommended measurements for each product:

Dress Size Hips Waist
6-8 84 - 89 cm 58 - 64 cm
10 91 - 97 cm 66 - 71 cm
12 99 - 104 cm 73 - 79 cm
14-16 106 - 112 cm 81 - 87 cm

Can I use with Pads/Tampons/Liners?

Our U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies can be used in conjunction with other period products. You can choose to use a combination of products to meet your needs.

Can I use U by Kotex® | THINX® Reusable Period Undies when I swim? (Overnight/Sport/Swimming)

We do not recommend you use this product to replace tampons for swimming.

Disposal methods: How do I dispose after they’ve stopped working to peak performance?

Please dispose of them in the same manner you would typically dispose of used underwear. Please note that you should not thrift underwear to organisations like the Salvation Army or Saint Vincent’s

Where can I get a bigger size?

At this time our size range spans from size 6 up to 16, however we are always working to ensure we are able to provide our consumers with great solutions to manage their period.