What can I do to stop period pain?

A nice warm hot water bottle will help to ease the ache

A nice warm hot water bottle will help; in fact, any kind of heat is probably going to ease this ache, so a nice relaxing bath will also help reduce the pain you are feeling from any period cramps. Having your period is the best reason to get pampered. Because  let's face it, you deserve it!  Exercise is also a great way to relieve period cramps as it helps relieve stress and tension in muscles. There are lots of over the counter painkillers that help with period cramps, a quick visit to your pharmacy or even local supermarket should kit you out perfectly. If your period cramps are really sore, so much so that you can’t go to school or do everyday things, you should go see your doc. They might even prescribe the Contraceptive Pill which has also been known to regulate periods and make period cramps less severe.