The app is giving the incorrect predictions

If your cycle predictions seem inaccurate, it may be that an atypical cycle is affecting the apps calculations. Experiences like pregnancy, miscarriage, use of emergency contraception, or using hormonal birth control to skip a period can lead to one of your cycles being much longer or shorter than what is typical for you. If you are new to getting your period your cycle may also not be regular.

The U by Kotex Period Tracker app is designed to provide general information to you about menstrual and reproductive health and related topics. Information provided to you will be based on the data you choose to disclose and therefore depend on the amount and accuracy of such data inputs by you.

Nothing in this app is intended (and should be relied upon) as medical advice or to serve as a birth control method or contraception. For personal medical advice, birth control or contraceptive advice, please consult your health care professional.