How do I track my period? Setting up period tracking

  1. When you first sign up to the app, to track your period, the app will ask you to complete a series of questions as below.
  2. - When did your last period start?
    - What is the average length of your Period?
    - What is the average length of your menstrual cycle?
  3. One completed - click ‘Create Calendar’
  4. The app then generates your own cycle in a calendar view.
  5. If you are a revisiting user, the app will look different and you will go straight to the calendar view.
Important - tracking accurately and consistently makes the app’s predictions more precise – so you can feel confident knowing you’re in sync with your cycle.
*Note: Information provided to you will be based on the data you choose to disclose and therefore depend on the amount and accuracy of such data inputs by you. Data supplied in app is secure and is accessible only to you.