My period is late, what does this mean?

1 in 3 girls have irregular periods at some point

Around 1 in 3 girls experience an irregular period at some point – it’s actually pretty common and normally not a reason to worry! An irregular period is any type of bleeding that is unusual when compared to your normal cycle. This can include a late period, an early period or bleeding between periods. If you have just started to get your period then don’t worry if it’s a little irregular, as you get older they start to arrive like clockwork. Normally irregular periods correct themselves over time, however if you have had irregular periods for a year or more, it is best to get some advice from your doc as there could be an underlying illness causing the problem.
There are other causes of irregular periods including hormones, stress, STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and pregnancy. If you think a STI or pregnancy could be the cause of your irregular period, head to the doctor as soon as you can.