You know how PMS goes – you notice your back hurts, your stomach is cramping and your breasts = OUCH! Your breasts will develop at different times for different body types; you may have noticed some of the girls at school starting to wear bras, if so, chances are your breasts are developing too. So what can you do about this pain?

What you can do
Step one - Make yourself comfortable by getting a proper fitting bra. There are a wide variety of bra types, materials and sizes, so pop to a department store to try on some of the different kinds. Go for comfort over the look of the bra – you might find (we did) that a great elastic bra will make you feel better than those types with lots of lace.
Step two - If it’s your period making your boobs sore then you could use a natural Progesterone cream to help reduce the water retention. A good multi-vitamin (with evening primrose oil and omega-3 added, if possible) can help make your breasts feel more normal during that time of the month. Too much caffeine or dairy can also make them worse, not better. So try and avoid coffee, milk and cheese (yeah we know, avoiding chocky during PMS is like asking dad to lend you the car on a big night out, it’s not going to happen!).
Step three - If you find you’re getting pain or tenderness then it’s likely your body is sending you a message to slow down and chill out – queue a movie, grab your best mate and spend the afternoon on the couch. Now you know a bit about the puberty process your body is going through, you know you deserve the break. Sore breasts are something that most gals go through, and normally it’s just part of the whole growing up process. Maybe one day you can even pass these words of wisdom to a younger relative or friend!

The advice provided in this material is general in nature and is not intended as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care professional.

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