Changes to your body during puberty
Puberty is a time when girls and boys bodies go through a heap of changes to prepare for adulthood. Some girls start experiencing changes as early as eight, while others won't notice any changes until their later teens. There is no right or wrong time to start puberty or experience body changes. Every person is different. But what everyone has in common is that we will all go through puberty at some stage.

Girls and guys are in it together
During puberty there are a load of changes that are unique to girls, and heaps of changes that only guys go through. The changes you experience during puberty are unique to each sex, and are part of becoming a man or a woman. Even though you may think that girls and guys are worlds apart, there are various changes that are common to both sexes. Although puberty won't cause guys to have periods and girls won't grow hair on their chests, puberty will cause both guys and girls to grow in height and weight, get pimples, grow hair in all sorts of places and develop sexual desires. And there are more changes that guys and girl share – even more than you think! For the complete list of changes that will take place during puberty, see the female puberty and male puberty pages on this site.

Puberty advice to help
One thing that won't change is the fact that the U by Kotex® website is here to help you understand the changes you (and your friends) will experience during puberty. These changes can be pretty full-on and a little bit overwhelming, so feel free to browse the site, to get all the information you need to deal with puberty and all the changes you may be experiencing.
Puberty can be a confusing time, so if you need some extra advice think about speaking to someone you trust who's been through puberty and knows what to expect – your mum or your sister, an older friend, a teacher or your family doctor. And remember, after you've read up on puberty, you'll be able to chat to your friends and help them out with their puberty questions too.

Try to enjoy the ride
Puberty is is a wild ride that everyone experiences, but you can choose whether or not you enjoy it. Puberty is a natural process of maturation and you shouldn't let it preoccupy your thoughts and feelings. Just keep in mind that puberty is all part of growing up and moving from a youth to an adult. You shouldn't feel embarrassed about the changes that are happening to you (or not happening to you) during puberty.

As an adult you'll learn to celebrate differences, so don't get yourself down if puberty is not working out exactly as you had planned. And although you may become self-conscious about all the changes during puberty as you become more aware of your changing body, it doesn't have to be a stressful time. Just relax and go with the flow.

The advice provided in this material is general in nature and is not intended as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care professional.

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