Pads are made of absorbent material and are designed to soak up the menstrual fluid. Many girls prefer to use pads when they first get their period, but you can choose pads or tampons. Tampons are great for sport or swimming, and are more popular once girls get the hang of having their periods.

Pads are available in different thicknesses and absorbencies. Thickness doesn’t necessarily mean a pad is more absorbent. Ultra thin Pads do the same job as extra pads; they’re just thinner and more discreet. The absorbency of a pad is also determined by its length – longer pads can soak up more menstrual fluid.

For soft, super thin & flexible pad, try U by Kotex® Ultrathins. They have the Rapid-Dry Core™ which draws moisture away for faster absorption.

U by Kotex® Ultrathins are available in Regular, Super, Overnight Regular and Overnight Long absorbencies. Regular absorbency is great for everyday medium-flow use, and Super and Overnight absorbencies perfect for heavy flow and overnight use. So, we have you covered, no matter what your flow is like, or what you’re doing.

Using Pads At Night

If you’re after protection while you’re getting your beauty sleep, or for an extra long period of time, it’s always better to wear a pad rather than a tampon. U by Kotex® Overnight pads are the longest and most absorbent of the U by Kotex® pads range and come in Overnight Regular and Overnight Long lengths. They’re also great for helping to prevent leakage when you’re lying down as they have a wider back than daytime pads. So enjoy that beauty snooze without a worry!

The advice provided in this material is general in nature and is not intended as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care professional.

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