Healthy Vagina Pictures

For many girls just talking about vagina’s can be a no no, never mind looking at your own one. Society has made our anatomy almost a taboo subject in the past, thankfully that is slowly changing. You shouldn’t be embarrassed or shy about looking at your own vagina and can be rightfully proud of it. Some girls are clueless about their Vjay, what the different parts do, what is ‘normal’ and even the way it looks. Well there is no ‘normal’ looking vagina; just like your face is different to almost everyone in the world so is your vagina. So let’s get right to it and find out what makes a vagina so very special.

Vaginal makeup

As you can see in the picture your vagina is made up of a few different parts, all the parts you can see in the picture are part of the ‘outside’ of the vagina that is called the ’vulva’. Your ‘inside’ vagina is a tube that goes all the way from your vulva to the beginning of your womb (this part of your body is called the cervix).

Let’s work our way down the picture from top to bottom.


The Clitoris is pea sized button shape right at the top of your vagina. It is super sensitive and contains more nerves (8000 give or take) than any other part of your body. The clitoris is one of the parts of your vagina that makes you feel good if it is touched or stimulated.


Your urethra is a little tube that transports your urine (wee) from your bladder to your vagina. Think of it like a long straw that helps you go to the bathroom.

Labium Majora

These are the folds of skin that go right from the top of your vagina to the bottom. They form the boundaries of the vaginal area. The labium majora’s main job is to protect all the other sensitive parts of your vagina.

Labium Minor

These are kinda mini-me’s of the labium majora. They start at the bottom of your vagina and meet all the way at the top near the clitoris. Like the labium majora, they protect the delicate parts of your vagina, are very sensitive. They can even change colour slightly depending on your mood – just like that mood ring you have!

Your vagina is a very special part of you and there are hundreds of things going on inside there to keep it healthy and functional. Did you know it has its own cleaning system to ensure that it runs well all the time? If there is a really really strong smell along with pain or irritation you should make an appointment with your Gynae to get it checked out. Good hygiene, plenty of rest, and a good diet with lots of water are the best ways to make sure you have a healthy vagina.