the comfort factor

Ultra thin and ultra-flexible, with a new softer cover, so you’ll feel like you’re not wearing them at all.

the clever factor

New anti-leak side guards activate when in contact with fluid to provide superior leakage protection.

the cool factor

Our easy-to-peel coloured wrapping is fuss-free, so you can walk out the door and get to that date in time!


An everyday wardrobe essential

Great for everyday ‘medium-flow’ use during the day. No-wings for added discretion.


Regular with wings

An everyday wardrobe essential

Great for everyday ‘medium-flow’ use during the day. Wings help keep pads in place – especially when you’re on the move.


Super with wings

An everyday wardrobe essential

Great for everyday ‘heavy-flow’ when you need that added protection during the day.


Overnight with wings

The secret to a more comfortable nights sleep

They’re perfect for heavy flow and overnight use.


Kotex® Pads have now joined the U by Kotex® family with a whole new look. U by Kotex® Pads are in a convenient drawstring pack and continue to deliver the same absorbency for maximum protection.

Pad regular

Regular pads for maximum protection.

Pad regular with wings

Regular pads for maximum protection.

Pad Super

For maximum protection on heavy days.

Pad Overnight

Extra width and length for added protection at night.

Pad Maternity

Specifically designed to provide added protection for heavy post-natal flow.

new design

The U by Kotex Designs® Range is designed for those who dare to be different. Available in Ultrathins and Liners.

The ultrathin pads each have a colour design printed on the actual cover of the pad. All the same leakage protection and absorbency, with a range of designs.

U by Kotex Designs®

regular wing 12

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super wing 10

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Pads are made of absorbent material and are designed to soak up the menstrual fluid. Many girls prefer to use pads when they first get their period, but you can choose pads or tampons. Tampons are great for sport or swimming, and are more popular once girls get the hang of having their periods.

Pads are available in different thicknesses and absorbencies. Thickness doesn’t necessarily mean a pad is more absorbent. Ultra thin Pads do the same job as slim/maxi pads; they’re just thinner and more discreet. The absorbency of a pad is also determined by its length – longer pads can soak up more menstrual fluid.

For an extremely thin AND highly absorbent pad, try U by Kotex® Ultrathins. They have micro<MAX Technology® – so they’re micro thin with max absorbency. The core has super absorbent materials including tiny granules that lock away fluid, so there’s much less opportunity for embarrassing leaks.

U by Kotex® Ultrathins are available in Regular, Super and Overnight absorbencies. Regular absorbency is great for everyday ‘regular-flow’ use and Super and Overnight absorbency is perfect for heavy flow and overnight use. So, we have you covered, no matter what your flow is like, or what you’re doing.

Using pads at night

If you’re after protection while you’re getting your beauty sleep, or for an extra long period of time, it’s always better to wear a pad rather than a tampon. U by Kotex® Flexinights are the longest and most absorbent of the U by Kotex® Ultra thin pads range. They’re also great for helping to prevent leakage when you’re lying down as they have a wider back. So enjoy that beauty snooze without a worry!