the comfort factor

Slender design with tapered tip makes them more comfortable and easier to use.

the clever factor

Great protection in a slim and comfortable design.

the cool factor

Twist-open wrappers in 7 funky colours, plus cool new packing design that’s easy to spot.


Your secret for light flow days

Use for light flow or in the first or last days of your period. 8g absorbency – just so you know, that’s about 2 teaspoons.



this season’s must-have period accessory

Use for medium flow. For some, these little beauties may be all you need, for others they’re perfect for those middle days. 11g – this is about 2.5 teaspoons.

tampons-regular-16-thb tampons-regular-32-thb


this season’s must-have period accessory

Great for heavy flow, particularly in the middle of your period. 14g – this is about 3.5 teaspoons.

tampons-super-16-thb tampons-super-32-thb

Applicator Tampons

Available in Regular & Super

Designed to be sooooo easy to use in a super chic and comfortable design. The combination of Perfect Touch Grip and smooth tip makes for easy and accurate placement.

applicator-tampons-regular-16-thb applicator-tampons-super-16-thb


Tampons, like pads, soak up the menstrual fluid during your period. They are made of a compact absorbent material such as cotton or rayon and pressed together to form a cylinder-like shape. All this talk of tampons, pads and panty liners can be a bit overwhelming and confusing, but the major difference between tampons, pads and panty liners is that a tampon is worn inside the vagina and pads and panty liners are worn outside the vagina. Whatever you choose to use, both pads and tampons are healthy and safe ways to absorb your menstrual flow. Tampons absorb your menstrual flow before it has a chance to leave your body.

Some girls are a bit nervous about using tampons because they think that the tampon could get lost inside their body. If you’re thinking this, then relax! Even if you use a mini tampon, the muscles in your vagina hold it in place so it’s impossible for the tampon to get lost. Occasionally, however, the string of the tampon (the string is supposed to hang outside of your body) can get inserted with the tampon. If this occurs, don’t panic! Tampons can be removed without the string – just relax and remove it with your fingers.

Girls just want to have fun

Having your period shouldn’t be a drag. And that’s where tampons come in super handy. The great thing about using tampons is that they’re really discreet and they provide you with loads of freedom so you can get on with whatever you want to do. When inserted properly, the muscles inside your vagina will hold the tampon in place so it can’t fall out. And you won’t have to cancel that trip to the beach or dodge that pool party, because you can even wear tampons when you go swimming. Now and then tampons may absorb some water, but don’t worry, this will only cause the tampon to become a little wet and you’ll just need to change it for a fresh one after you’ve dried off.

Tampons to suit your body your flow and your mood

U by Kotex Tampons come in a variety of absorbencies to suit different flows. They are designed to give you maximum protection during your flow and work by expanding and adapting to your body’s shape.

U by Kotex Tampons are super comfy to wear and easy to use. Some girls find tampons harder to insert towards the very end of their period when the flow is much lighter. Inserting a tampon at this time can be uncomfortable. U by Kotex Tampons have a slim design and come with a slender tip because, let’s face it, if you’re suffering period pain and all the things that come along with your period, you want things to be as easy as possible.

It can take some time getting the hang of tampons. One of the things you may need some practice with is deciding which tampon absorbency is right for you. This will depend on the heaviness of your flow. U by Kotex Tampons come in mini, regular and super:

  • Mini tampons will absorb 8g of menstrual fluid – and just so you know, that’s about two teaspoons. Use Mini tampons when your flow is light
  • Regular tampons can take 11g. This is about 2.5 teaspoons. Regular tampons are great for when you’re experiencing medium flow
  • Super tampons can absorb 14g. This is about 3.5 teaspoons. Super tampons are perfect for when your flow is at it’s heaviest, particularly in the middle of your period

Your period may not be fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast with colour and be perfectly accessorised at all times! U by Kotex Tampons come in a range of coloured wrappers so you can grab the one that best suits your mood. Each funky box contains a mix of seven bright colours so they won’t get lost in your handbag and you can add a splash of colour to your day. As well as having the best looking wrappers around, we’ve made our wrappers super easy to get off – just one quick twist and you’re ready to go. Too easy!