The Tricky Questions Quiz

As your daughter's bpdy and mind develops she'll be full of questions, some will be straightforward, others might make you turn a deep shade of crimson. To get you prepared, take part in this quick mum/daughter quiz.


How much blood will there be when my period starts?

A: Hard to say, everyone is different

B: Try googling 'Niagara falls'

C: Usually a light-flow to start, heaviest around 2-3 day mark.


Is it safe to swim when I'm having my period?

A: Probably best to stay on dry land

B: Yes, just use a tampon and dive in

C: Yes, just watch out for sharks


How many days is the bleeding going to last?

A: 100 days , 100 nights

B: Most periods last from 2 to 7 days

C: It can feel like forever


What happens if my period starts and I'm away from home?

A: Run and hide!

B: Remember to always carry a few tampons or sanitary pads with you. If you're caught short, most women have a few handy

C: Call your mum and cry down the phone


Will my period hurt?

A: You'll be wailing like a banshee

B: It's different for everyone. But the good news is that there are clever ways to soothe the pain like hot water bottles or physical activity

C: Sometimes yes, sometimes no

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