When was the last time you chatted with mum about the benefits of condoms, or discussed the Pill over vegemite toast with dad? Hmm, we know contraception is not a popular dinner time convo but that doesn’t mean it should be swept under the rug!

Sex is a big deal, a REALLY BIG DEAL, bigger than your first day at a new job, bigger than getting your driver’s license, in fact it is probably one of the top 10 biggest things in your development as a young woman. So while you may feel like you really want to get your first time over with, we reckon it’s not worth rushing in as sex can have some pretty big emotional and physical impacts on your body.

If you are thinking about having sex, it’s always a good idea to get clued up on what you are about to get involved in, luckily U by Kotex is here to give you the D-L. Check out our content to the left to find out our top contraception tips so you can feel confident that your first time will be safe and fun.

With all the different contraception options available it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed, but don’t stress! If you are worried or unsure about ANYTHING related to sex, you should defs ask an older friend that you trust about it, your mum or maybe a fav aunt or cousin.

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