Period When Pregnant

Period When Pregnant

When it comes to the body – there are things that even your mum or best friends don’t know much about. We get all sorts of questions from girls around Australia just like you, about what’s going on with their bods. In particular girls love chatting about periods; like whether you can get pregnant while having your period? Getting what seems like a period while you are pregnant as well as other period related stuff. Fear not, U by Kotex can be you knight in shining armour (less good looking but probably more helpful) and explain this very tricky subject to you (just don’t ask us anything about Algebra…).

Can you get pregnant while having your period

YES, YES, YES!!! There have been arguments for many years about whether you can get pregnant while having your period and while every girl’s body is different you can most definitely get pregnant by having unprotected sex during your period. The reason why most girls think that you can’t get pregnant while having your period is bcos technically your egg is dead (aaw shame) when you have your period (MOST of the time).
However, you can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex while menstruating for a quite a few reasons. Firstly, it’s possible to mix up the timing and mistake a little bit of bleeding as your period and have unprotected sex, so guess what; maybe baby! Secondly, under normal circumstances sperm can only live in your body for about 3-4 days (we know its ick but its gotta be said), however under the right conditions they can survive for almost a week, lasting longer than your period and guess what; maybe baby! Having unprotected sex is dangerous as you can get STIs (sexually transmitted infections) some of which will never go away. The risk of pregnancy should be enough to convince you and your partner to always use protection no matter what time of the month it is!

What looks a like a period when youre pregnant but isnt

Some women get bleeding when they are pregnant and mistake this for a period, however you can’t be pregnant and get a period. So what is causing this bleeding? There are a couple of different reasons why you might bleed a lil while pregnant. Implantation bleeding can occur around the time when you normally get your period, but this is not considered menstruation and is actually caused by your fertilised egg ‘making itself at home’ in the lining of your womb.

Unfortunately if you are bleeding or have stomach aches, it might be that you have suffered a problem with the pregnancy and you should have it checked out immediately by your gynae. If you are in your last few months of pregnancy (second or third trimester) and you experience some bleeding, it may be a symptom of a serious condition called placenta previa. This happens when the placenta (the little tube connecting you to your baby) comes lose from your womb so get to your local doc or hospital immediately. If you get pregnant while on the Pill (it is unlikely but does happen) you may experience some light bleeding in the early stages of your pregnancy.

You can’t get your period when pregnant (even though some bleeding might seem like a period), simple as that; it’s like trying to sneeze with your eyes open (try it, bet ya you can’t do it). Under all the right circumstances a pregnancy can be a celebration. But an unplanned pregnancy can be one really scary time, especially for young women who feel they may not have the support of their family. If for any reason you believe you may be pregnant and find that you are bleeding during this pregnancy (esp the early parts) get yourself to your doctor quick smart. Remember if you are certain you are pregnant there is no chance you can get your period, if you confuse the two, and don’t let your doc know you and your baby could be in some serious trouble.